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At Smile Midtown, located in the heart of Atlanta, GA, patients are welcomed into a world of exceptional dental care tailored to meet individual needs with precision and compassion. As a leading Atlanta, GA dentist practice, Smile Midtown prides itself on offering a comprehensive suite of dental services, from routine cleanings and exams to advanced cosmetic and restorative procedures. Utilizing state-of-the-art technology and innovative techniques, the practice ensures every visit is comfortable, efficient, and effective.

Choosing Smile Midtown for dental needs in Atlanta, GA, means entrusting oral health to a practice committed to excellence. The team’s dedication to continuous education and staying abreast of the latest advancements in dental care positions them as a premier choice for anyone seeking to maintain or transform their smile. With a warm, welcoming environment designed to ease dental anxieties and a staff that goes above and beyond to ensure patient satisfaction, Smile Midtown stands out as a beacon of dental excellence.

Committed to excellence, they provide comprehensive services for optimal oral health.

Smile Midtown offers tailored dental care with advanced technology in Atlanta, GA.

A welcoming environment and personalized care make Smile Midtown a top dental choice.

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Experience unparalleled dental care with us, where cutting-edge technology meets compassionate service, ensuring your smile shines brighter.

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Experience cutting-edge dental care with our state-of-the-art technology, ensuring precise treatments and unparalleled comfort for every patient.

Smile Bright, Stress Light!

Experience unparalleled comfort at our practice, where every visit feels like a retreat. Your well-being is our top priority in our serene setting.


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    Dr. Casey J. Shuster

    Dr. Shuster is an Atlanta native and the son of Dr. Abe Shuster and Mrs. Sue Shuster. Growing up in Atlanta, Dr. Shuster attended Pace Academy. Following high school, Dr. Casey attended Southern Methodist University , where he earned a BA in Political Science and a minor in Sociology. From 2015-2019, Dr. Shuster attended Boston…

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What Our Amazing Patients Have To Say

Michael B
Michael B
Going to see Dr. Shuster is like going to see an old friend. His entire staff is incredibly friendly and knowledgeable, and I almost enjoy going to the dentist now. Highly recommend
G Scott Thompson
G Scott Thompson
Great staff. Appointment is easy to make and no wait upon arrival.
Pat del rey
Pat del rey
Summer is the best hygienist and has taught me how to clean my teeth with great detail. And Dr. Casey Shuster is excellent. Great analysis of teeth and gum issues and practical and effective solutions. Recommend them highly.
Daryl Batey
Daryl Batey
Professionalism, care and concern for patient; listens to patient concerns. Summer is the absolute best. Dr. Casey makes you feel comfortable and welcomed to his practice while providing extremely good care. Also knows his golf!!!
Hansam Cho
Hansam Cho
He is very kindly. And we will go there again. Thanks
Great dentist. Professional, knowledgeable, and the dental hygienist is equally great. Highly recommend
Sharon DeLee
Sharon DeLee
Very good dental office to have your dental work done. No waiting time and very pleasant atmosphere. I would and have recommended a friend. Five Star dental office.
george carter
george carter
Highly recommended. Great staff. Great doc.
Breck Rochow
Breck Rochow
Dr. Shuster and his team are trustworthy, thorough and personable. A 10/10 dental experience.
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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I reduce my anxiety before a dental appointment?

Try practicing deep breathing exercises or listening to calming music before your appointment to help soothe your nerves.

What should I do if I have a fear of needles and drills?

Communicate your fears with your dentist; they can use numbing gels or prescribe anxiety medication to make your experience more comfortable.

Can bringing a friend or family member to my appointment help me feel more at ease?

Yes, having a trusted person with you can provide emotional support and make you feel more secure during your visit.

Are there any techniques to distract myself from the procedures?

Focusing on a stress ball, listening to music through headphones, or watching a movie if the dental office offers it can be effective distractions.

What if my dental anxiety is so severe that I avoid going to the dentist altogether?

Consider seeking a therapist who specializes in phobias or ask your dentist about sedation dentistry options to help manage your anxiety.