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A complete denture is a removable appliance for replacement of all upper or lower teeth. The denture is supported by the patients remaining gum ridge and its retention and comfort depends on the amount of ridge left, muscles, tongue, saliva and patient adaptability. Dentures designed by Smile Midtown provides a beautiful and more youthful smile that restores much of the patients chewing ability. If a patient has lost, or is losing, all of his or her teeth, complete upper and lower dentures are the lowest cost tooth replacement option. Upper dentures are usually easier to get accustomed to than lower dentures. The disadvantages of dentures are continued bone loss over time that may decrease their stability and retention, less than optimal chewing ability and the inconvenience of daily removal for maintenance.

Complete dentures usually entail five clinical appointments. The restorative procedure begins with an accurate impression of the patients mouth followed by a wax bite that will give your dentist exacting measurements. A try-in appointment will fine tune color, shape, and custom-fit. After the final dentures are fabricated, they will be placed and instruction concerning their care and maintenance will be reviewed. If teeth need to be removed prior to making the denture, your dentist will recommend an oral surgeon for extraction. We can coordinate with the oral surgeon and place an immediate denture on the same day.

Benefits of conventional dentures:

  • Less costly than other replacement alternatives
  • Anesthesia rarely required
  • Improved appearance
  • Moderate chewing improvement
  • Medium term solution