Digital Impressions

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Digital Impressions

SmileMidtown now offers cutting edge digital impressions. At your initial visit we can take an intraoral scan of your smile.  This creates a virtual copy of your mouth which Dr. Smith or Dr. Shuster can send digitally to the lab.

What does it mean for you? Here are just a few of the benefits:

  • Efficiency: Just minutes is all it takes to scan your teeth and bite with digital impression technology.  
  • Productivity: 3D scanning means less chair time and less chance you will need to come back to have the impression done again.
  • Accuracy: Digital impressions drastically increase accuracy and impression quality. This can result in better-fitting restorations including crowns, veneers and implants. The lab can then 3D print an exact mold from this data. No more variences when we take the impression and no more variences in the lab. Overall digital impressions significantly reduce errors.
  • Your Satisfaction: Eliminating the need for physical impressions takes away the stress associated with traditional impressions. With digital impressions, you won’t have to suffer with a mouth full of goo!

Fast and comfortable

Our 3D Scanner is fast and efficient - ensuring optimal comfort and minimal chair time compared with traditional impressions.

Automatic occlusion capture

Dr. Smith can capture your bite in real-time, which helps ensure any restorative work feels just like your real teeth.

Realistic color scans

Using the scanner, Dr. Shuster and Dr. Smith, create high quality digital impressions in life-like colors. 

Documented High Accuracy

Smile Midtown has chosen an Intraoral Scanner that delivers high accuracy on full arch scans. If you want a natural smile with the treatment done right the first time, accuracy matters!